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TOEFL Power Idioms


Fill in the blanks. 180718wed

207  [ By ] the [ way ], did you see him on your way home?  (Incidentally)

208  It's very hard to [ figure ] out what he said on that occasion.   (understand)


Fill in the blanks. 180717tue

205  How many of the boys [ s-howed ] up?   (turned up ; appeared )

206  It [ w-ould ] [ be ] better for you to try to arrive at the appointed time.  (You had better )

Fill in the blanks. 180716mon

203  In [ case ] he shows up by seven tonight, tell him to wait.    ( If )

204  How many mistakes did your teacher [ pointed ] out in your essay?   ( indicate )

Fill in the blanks. 180715sun

200  He is burning the [ ….. ] at both ends by working eleven hours every day.  (exhausting himself )

201  We [ e-….. ] in the conversation for hours.  (involved ourselves in )

Fill in the blanks. 180714sat

198  I have every Friday [ off ].  (don't have to work on Fridays )

199  I want you to look [ over ] these exercises before I give them to my teacher.  (examine)

Fill in the blanks. 180713fri

196  It's hard for such a shy girl to [ ….. ]friends easily.  (win friends )

197  The clock was [ ….. ] of [ o ….. ] and we didn't know what time it was.  (not working condition )

Fill in the blanks. 180712thu

194  Please sit down and [ make ] yourself at [h-ome ].  ( be comfortable )

195  The pedestrian must [ keep ] to the right side of the street.   (remain on ]

Fill in the blanks. 180711wed

192  I could not find [ it ] in my [ h-eart ] to lave my son there alone.  (was not inclined to )

193  He is really in narrow circumstances, but he manages to keep [ up ] appearances.  (maintain an outward show to hide the fact )

Fill in the blanks. 180710tue

190  The sudden appearance of the enemy put us to [ f-light ].  (made us flee )

191  Whould you [do ] me a [ favor ]?  ( I have something I want you to help me with)

Fill in the blanks. 180709mon

188  She didn't succeed in passing the entrance examination to that college, and it really [ b-roke ] her.  (made her really sad )

189  Let us resume reading where we left [ off ] last week.  (stopped)

Fill in the blanks. 180708sun

186  When I got home, I gave her a [ r-ing].  (telephoned her)

187  NBC here [ stands ] for nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons.  ( means )

Fill in the blanks. 180707sat

184  The moon had sunk and a bright morning was breaking when I [ came ] [ to ] myself.  (became conscious again; came to my senses )

185  While watching his face it [ s-truck ] me that there might be some fault on my part.  (it occurred to me )

Fill in the blanks. 180706TGIF!

182  " What time do you [ h-ave ] ? Asked the man sitting next to me.  (What time do you have )

183  Mini skirts have disappeared and long skirts are now [ in ] fashion.  (very popular )

Fill in the blanks. 180705thu

180  His story brought [ home ] to us the seriousness of the matter.  (made very clear )

181  He is [ as ] great a scholar [ as ] ever lived.  (one of the greatest scholars that ever lived )

Fill in the blanks. 180704wed

178  He hasn't studied at all. He is [ b-ound ] to fail the exam.  (sure to )

179  I'm sure he will [ break ] his word.  (fail to fulfill his word)

Fill in the blanks. 180703tue

176  Jimmie [ called ] off all of his appointments for the day.  ( canceled )

177  The Englishman has returned to his country for [ good ].  (forever)

Fill in the blanks. 180701sun

172  My wife didn't [ a-ttend ] to what I was saying.  ( give her attention to; listen to )

173  He [ t-ook ] a [ seat ] immediately and began to talk.  (sat down )

Fill in the blanks. 180630sat

170 We all [ p….. ] in the activities.  (took part in )

171  An exotic looking person [ w….. ] on me in the shop.  (attended on)

Fill in the blanks. 180629TGIF!

168 We might say that during these hard times we are all in the same [ boat ].  ( sharing the same destiny )

168 How many English words have we studied [ so ] [ far ] ?  (by now; up to te present time)

Fill in the blanks. 180628thu

166 Nobody pays any attention to him. He just talks [ big ].  (exaggerates )

167 I am not a [ bit ] interested in it. ( in the least )

Fill in the blanks. 180627wed

164 He [ knew ] [ better ]  than to call you names.  (was wise enough not to )

165 He is [ as ] poor [ as ] poor can be.  ( extremely poor )

Fill in the blanks. 180626tue

162 We [ might ] as [ well ] throw the money into the sea [ as] lend it to him.  ( would throw … than lend )

163 Everyone had a right to enjoy one's liberty, much [ more ] one's life.  ( still more; not to mention; to say nothing of )

Fill in the blanks. 180625mon

160 He seems to be offended by your words. You are being too impolite to him. He [ may ] [well ] be angry. (has good reason to )

161 This morning my father was [ d-ressed ] [ in ] a dark suit.  ( had a dark suit on )

Fill in the blanks. 180624sun

158 We [ s--- ] up till 11 p.m., watching games on TV.  ( stayed up, did not go to bed )

159 No one who is really capable of great things is [ b--- ] of one's own success.  ( has too high an opinion of, is proud of )

Fill in the blanks. 180623sat

133 If I were in your place, I wouldn't be able to cope [ ….. ] the difficulties of your position. ( deal with successfully )

157 I heard that he was well-educated, but he connot so [ ….. ] [ ….. ] write a short thesis.  ( cannot even write )

Fill in the blanks. 180622TGIF!

131 Since I could not get a good sleep the night before, I was out of [ s-orts ].  ( wasn't feeling well )

132 He is almost good for nothing. You can easily dispense [ with ] his services.  (do without )

Fill in the blanks. 180621thu

129 I was afraid I hadn't enough money, but I [ ….. ] a chance on the price.  ( trusted to luck )

130 His advice to us was so little [ ….. ] the purpose that we did not take it so seriously.  ( so irrelevant, so impertinent )

Fill in the blanks. 180620wed

127 She looked into the car and asked the man at the [ w-heel ] if he could give her a lift.  ( the driver )

128 His first work was soon [ s-ucceeded ] by a play, which later made him officially recognized as a great storyteller.  ( was … followed by )

Fill in the blanks. 180619tue

125 Gathering information was always attended [ with ] some danger. (was … accompanied with)

126 It must be remembered that every misfortune has a silver [ lin]ing. ( a consoling element )

Fill in the blanks. 180618mon

123 The people were letting [ off ] firecrackers for celebration. (discharging)

124 The boys were all [ c-razy ] about jazz.  ( enthusiastic about )


Fill in the blanks. 180617sun

121 I hear John is going to quit his job. Do you know who will take his [place]?  (be substituted for him)

122 By increasing the number of the sides of the polygons, he could make every point on the circle correspond [to] every point on the polygons.  (equal in position to)

Fill in the blanks. 180616sat

017 It (dawned] upon me that his story was a mere concoction.  (became clear to me)

018 The old man keeps many cats in his home and feeds them [on] fish and meat.  (gives them … food)


Fill in the blanks. 180615fri

015 No matther how much you may insist, you cannot [assure] me of the truth of your story.  (make me feel sure of)

016 No medicine can [cure] him of his disease.  (provide a remedy for)

Fill in the blanks. 180614thu

013 It is often pointed out that wisdom does not [consist] in knowledge only.   (exist as something inherent in)

014 Today every one of us knows that water [consist] of hydrogen and oxygen.  (is composed of)

001 Miho is planning on going to the U.K. She drew [out] 300 thousand yen for her trip. (withdrew from her bank account)

002 The misdemeanors of these delinquents really [drive] me mad.  (make me angry)

003 That's not exactly what I am driving [at]. (mean) 


004 These cows feed chiefly [on] hay. (take… food) 

005 I'm fed [up] with his selfishness. He should know better than to grumble.  (disgusted with)


006 He promised to [call] me up sometime in the afternoon.  (ring me up)

007 She is a selfish woman. She doesn't care  a bit [about] others.  (feel any concern)

008 "Would you care [for] more root beer?" she said and poured some into my glass. (like to have)

009 The fooball players stood at attention, apparently carried [away] by the playing of the national anthem.  (captivated)

010 It's easy to make up plans, but hard to carry them [out].  (put…..into practice)

011 Pam says she is going to [major] in physics at the university.  (specialize in)

012 It's difficult to carry [on] our conversation with so many people around us.  (continue)

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