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GRE SAT 英検1級Power Voca

Directions:  Select the pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair.



L-1-11 volcano : lava

*[A] geyser : water

[B] fault : tremor

[C] glacier : fissure

[D] avalanche : snow

[E] cavern : limestone


L1-10 screen : movie

[A] shelf : book

[B] frame : portrait

[C] shadow : object

*[D] stage : play

[E] score : performance


L1-9 topsoil : erode

[A] leather : tan

[B] veneer : varnish

[C] roast : baste

[D] grain : mash

*[E] paint : peel


L1-8 pilot : ship

[A] surveyor : landscape

*[B] conductor : orchestra

[C] guard : stockade

[D] actor : scene

[E] philosopher : inspiration

Directions:  Choose the word or set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.


L1-7 While it is assumed that the mechanization of work has a

[ revolutionary ] effect on the lives of workers, there is evidence to suggest that, on the contrary, mechanization has served to [ reinforce ] some of the traditional roles of women.


[A] salutary .. improve

[B] dramatic .. undermine

[C] benign .. revise

[D] debilitating .. weaken

[E] revolutionary .. reinforce



L1-6 Although many findings of the Soviet an United States probes of Venus were complementary, the two sets of atmospheric results clearly could not be

  [ reconciled ] without a major change of data or  [ interpretation ].


[A] obtained .. experimentation

[B] completed .. position

[C] matched .. implementation

[D] reconciled .. interpretation

[E] produced .. Falsification

180614thu L1-5
The modern age is a permissive one in which things can be said explicitly, but the old tradition of [ euphemism ] dies hard.


[A] garrulousness

[B] exaggeration

[C] excoriation

[D] bombast

[E] euphemism

180613wed L1-4

Even though they tended to be [ hostile ] to strangers, fifteenth-century Europeans did not automatically associate [ foreignness ] and danger.

[A] trusting of .. diversity

[B] haughty with .. nonconformity

[C] interested in .. enmity

[D] antagonistic .. rudeness

[E] hostile to .. foreignness


180612tue L1-3 How could words, confined as they individually are to certain [ precise ] meaning specified in a dictionary, eventually come, when combined in groups, to create obscurity and actually to prevent thought from being [ communicable ]?

[A] indefinite .. articulated

[B] conventional .. conceivable

[C] unlikely .. classified

[D] archaic .. expressed

[E] precise .. communicable

180611mon L1-2

Consider the universal cannibalism of the sea, all of whose creatures [ prey on ] one another.

[A] hide from

[B] ferret out

[C] prey on

[D] glide among

[E] compete against

180610sun L1-1

Because it is [difficult ] to [measure] all the business costs related to employee discontent, an accurate estimate of the magnitude of these costs is not easily calculated.


[A] difficult .. measure

[B] impossible .. justify

[C] improper .. overlook

[D] useless .. discover

[E] necessary .. pinpoint

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