♪♪ ♪ Jane and Kenneth's Sunday Studies at TG

きたる23日(日)9:00は、Jane and Kennethの特別講座! Come one, come all!

Jane and Kenneth's Sunday Studies at TG
Lecture, Website Practice and Interview Workshop

What are you looking for in a school?
What is the school looking for in you?

Practice reading B-school Websites to find your best-fit program.
Start preparing questions for MBA tours, campus visits and (finally) your interview: 、
Tips & strategies to find information you need on the Websites. 、
Learn vocabulary that will overcome confusion. 、
Practice answering the questions
Why this school?
Why am I right for this school?

This session limited to six seats.
Three seats are still available.
Please sign up by Friday, July 21.

Why MBA, why this schoolをそろそろかたちにすべきこの時期、
4)また、それを相手にどう表現したらいいか悩んでいる人 は多いと思います。

二人は、Michigan Global MBAのPre Departure Programでも大活躍した名コンビ!
1)効果的リサーチ、2)明確なビジョン建て、3)印象的プレゼンテーション を実践するわざを伝授下さるでしょう。


以下、Jane and Kenneth先生からのご案内です:
The Search is On!!!

This is the time of year when MBA candidates are searching for the right school by: going to presentations;
talking to friends, coworkers, alumni and counselors;
reading books and journals; and
checking out the websites

All are essential but websites remain the official voice of the school and the most up-to-date source to check, right up to the submission deadline.
Equally important, websites help you answer that all-important interview question: Why do you want to go to that school?

This workshop is designed to help you to read the websites so that you can understand what they are saying about the school's vision, focus, strengths and weaknesses.
It means reading not only the words but "between the lines".
The workshop will be in two parts:

Part 1: Reading Comprehension skills & strategies: (key questions to ask)
What to look for / Key points on a B-School website
1. Dean’s message: What can you learn from the dean’s message
Read the dean’s message for core values and vision
2. Program structure: mix of lectures, case studies, projects, internships and study abroad
3. Program requirements: required courses and electives Quick reading; note-taking; asking yourself key questions
Compare and contrast schools and programs
Is this the school for you? Is it a good fit?

Part 2: Interview Practice
Preparation for successful MBA Tours, School Visits and a start on the all-important Interview.
Use information and your own insights from Part 1 to practice answering the questions:
* How did you find out about our school? Why are you interested in our program??
* “Why do you want to come to our school?”
* "Do you have any questions you want to ask about us?

" Time Management in your application process is the key.
Natural, flowing, enjoyable interviews do not happen overnight.
Ideally, they are the result of a process of learning to read, think and express yourself in English over a period of time.
So start now - before it's too late!

Date:Sunday July 16 Time: 15:00 - 18:00
Class size limited to 3 - 6 students
NBStudents should submit a list of schools they are interested on investigating by Friday, July 16.
全プログラム(3時間) 受講料:18,000円 (税込:18,900円) (時間単価はおよそ6,000円/hour)


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